Photograph and Art by Alexandra Pedraza


Santiago Chavez is a graphic artist, writer, painter and installation artist originally from Carlsbad, New Mexico. He was a scientist and avid outdoorsman before being found by art, and this previous life informs his practice to a great extent. Long observational walks, in which he photographs and sketches the environments he passes through, are a hallmark of this practice. These materials are then chewed up, regurgitated, redrawn, abstracted and masticated again before being painted. Santiago moved to New York City in 2010, and has since had his artwork exhibited in the Bronx, Chelsea, and Jersey City. Over the course of his time in NYC, he has run the gamut of art production, from working by night with local graffiti crews in Harlem and Washington Heights to constructing intricate site-specific installations drawing on New Mexican dreamscapes. He has also painted commissioned public murals and has begun to stage public performances. He has worked closely alongside some of the best artists, poets and musicians in the world, and he is immensely grateful for the experiences that his life thus far has offered him. Santiago graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2016 with a BFA in Visual and Critical Studies. He is currently working as a freelance graphic designer, and is the operations manager at Name Your Game, an apparel shop in Long Beach, CA.